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BEST FACEBOOK MARKETING COURSE The doors to this Facebook marketing course are OPEN!
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with Jessica Ricketts

The complete step-by-step implementation plan and Facebook Marketing Course to cost-effectively advertise your local business on Facebook and Instagram in less than 90 minutes per week!

If you’re a local business owner, service-based professional, brick and mortar entrepreneur, or business startup, and you're looking to generate more income while attracting more leads and clients, then you already know you need to advertise on social media.

So I'll save you the spiel.

No need to be a broken record, trying to convince you of something that's already been drilled deep into your entrepreneurial mind.

After all, you probably already KNOW that creating a cost-effective advertising strategy is the key to leveraging your time, impacting more people and scaling your business to true profitability.

You've probably also heard that over 1.66 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered ‘daily active users.’ (Source: Facebook Q4 2019 Performance Investor Report)

Boosting Local Business isn't so much a training program as it is an implementation program. You'll learn the strategies behind everything I do, but most importantly you'll have a meticulous step-by-step advertising plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted.

It really is a hold-you-by-the-hand program that shows you how to implement each lesson into your business.

The result: Cost-effective Facebook and Instagram Ads that attract more people and new leads into your local business.

The doors to enrolment are OPEN!
Enrol today receive instant access

Jessica Ricketts JR Media Business Owner


JR Media Digital Facebook Courses

1. Is built with focused, rapid implementation in mind

No filler, no unnecessary modules, no extraneous or premature strategies that look sexy on the surface but do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress.

Lessons are kept short and sweet, so you have more time to implement what you have just learnt.

We follow the examples of four real-life, local businesses – A real estate agency, child-care provider, Pilates studio and my own business, JR Media.

2. Provides multiple advertising strategies

I understand that advertising budgets and skill levels vary from person to person.

Boosting Local Business takes you through four different advertising strategies – each one targeted towards different levels of skill and varying budgets.

Which means, no matter what your budget is or skill level, there is a strategy in this course that will work for you and your business!

3. Focuses on the nitty gritty

Since Boosting Local Business is an implementation program you WILL be getting your hands dirty with technology.

Not only do I make it dead simple, I take nothing for granted by providing you with complete how-to videos and downloadable checklists allowing you to create your own Facebook ads with confidence. These videos and checklists by the way, are updated every six months, so you always have the most up-to-date instructions.


while avoiding wasting time and money figuring it out yourself, I suggest joining the waitlist so that you're amongst the first to know when the doors are open again

Boosting Local Business is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're just starting out with running your own ads and want to get it right
  2. You've been clicking on the Boost button, struggling to generate the results you were expecting and want to fix this once and for all
  3. You're willing to put in the work and finally get a handle on running your own ads properly
  4. You’re spending four or more hours a week actively trying to promote your business on social media and want to reduce this time to something more manageable – with better results
  5. You can't afford the thousands of dollars per month to hire an ‘expert’ to run Facebook and Instagram ads for you
  6. You are excited to start promoting your local business on social media right now – to get noticed by new potential clients
  7. You are ready to take the actions needed to create content that will attract your ideal clients to your business

If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Boosting Local Business!

By the end of this program, you will be able to confidently promote your local business on
Facebook without the stress or the confusion
or just that crazy overwhelmed feeling.