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Demystifying Social Media

Say goodbye to that crippling ‘what-do-I-do-next' feeling. Our step-by-step Social Media Marketing Courses demonstrate how to: identify who your ideal clients are, build an engaged ready-to-buy audience, plus create effective boosted posts and social media ads that actually work to promote your business.

Social Media Marketing Courses & Training For Everyone
Convert Complete Strangers into Customers
Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies
1-1 mentoring

Ideal Client Questionnaire

This FREE Ideal Client Questionnaire will get you clear on who you’re actually selling to and is the perfect place to start on your DIY Social Media Training adventure.

Understanding who your ideal target audience is will allow you to better focus both your Paid and Organic Facebook activity so that it’s appealing to the RIGHT PEOPLE!

Your Investment: 100% For FREE

Get Ready For Laser Targeted Socials
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How to Convert Complete Strangers into Paying Customers

This 60 minute, pre-recorded webinar is all about converting your Facebook audience into valuable, money-making customers and clients.

You will learn:

  1. The Single Most Effective Way To Promote Your Local Business
  2. The Major Mindset Shift
  3. Three Laser Targeting Techniques
  4. The Simple Formula To Attract Local Customers

Your Investment

100% For FREE

Get Your Prospects Off Of Your Socials And Talking To You With My Proven Formula!

Facebook™ Ads Targeting Strategies Learn how to get more customers and increase sales using Boosted Posts in 30 minutes ($199 value)

Our Instant Access & On Demand, Social Media Marketing Online Course is ideal for TIME POOR service-based business owners!

Learn how to run your own cost-effective Facebook ads!

Your Investment

Lifetime Access: Just $27 AUD includes BONUS Workbook and Resource List!

*Prices including GST

Get Ready For Laser Targeted Socials
facebook ads

In 30 minutes we’ll cover:

The Difference Between an Organic Post, Boosted Post & Sponsored Post
3 Easy Steps to Targeting Your Ads to the Right People, and
The Simple Formula to Success

Boosting Local Business Online Course This is the complete step-by-step FLUFF-FREE Facebook Marketing Course you’ve been looking for!

By the end of this program, you’ll:

  • Navigate your Facebook advertisers’ dashboard with ease,
  • Create cost-effective, results-focused ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram,
  • Feel less stressed about getting your ads right,
  • Be promoting your business with complete confidence, and
  • Be saving a whole lot of time and money by skipping all the “fluff” and the learning curve.
Your Investment

Core Online Program: Just $199 AUD

Full Program with BONUSES & 1-1: $699 AUD

*Prices Including GST

Presented By Jessica Ricketts, JR Digital Founder

1-1 Facebook Ads Mentoring & Training

Whether you are a Facebook Ads newbie or looking to really embrace everything Facebook has to offer, we offer once-off, and 3 month 1-1 training options and programs.

No matter where you’re up to, we’ll turn you into a Facebook Ads Pro.

Your Investment

2hr Online 1-1 Training: 3 Month 1-1 Facebook Mentoring Program: $2750 AUD

* Pricing included GST

Ask Us About What Facebook Training Package Would Best Suit You!
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We suggest you look at our Group / Digital Agency Bespoke Consulting & Training for more information and pricing.